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Rfcnyvrerq Gbzngbrf

Stupid places to find allergens

So, although I haven't managed to find the relevant federal labeling regulations, my understanding is that "modified food starch" will turn out to come from potatoes about 1/4 of the time.[1] I discovered this after getting sick from some tortilla shells and wondering about the modified food starch. I don't know exactly what my allergens are -- most allergies are to proteins, but if a corn allergy gets triggered by corn syrup, it makes sense that a potato allergy can be triggered by starch. Maybe traces of protein stick around, or maybe I'm allergic to other components.

Anyway, I thought I'd make a list of stupid places I have found modified food starch:

- tortilla shells
- most pre-grated cheese
- certain types of donuts (further research is required on whether there's anything predictable to this)
- jelly beans

Has anyone else had experiences with this?

[1] Potato starch may get turned into dextrin and maltodextrin. I have no idea if these ever contain allergens.
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