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Good News and Bad News...

DEAR LJ EDIT: I HAVE DELETED THE Comment with a link to a crap site but could NOT click Spam because I didn't view the thread first. It allowed me to delete the comment (by following the "delete the comment" link from within my email) but without the proper form from another page, but when I clicked on view thread, it then gave me the option to mark as spam. :P is the spammer who posts "love" crap with crap links. Feel free to email me and I'll give you what she actually posted. Thanks!

ps. I'm deleting the above by the 15th and reverting this post back to the original post. Thanks!

The Post for this community:

I just found out today that, almost any company that makes shredded cheese, contains Potato starch, which means that their non-shredded cheese line could come into contact with Potato starch.  Every non-organic brand of shredded cheese, contains potato starch.

However, Organic Valley cheese does NOT contain Potato Starch. :D However, anyone allergic to seeds, are out of luck as annatto is a seed.

The other news:  The FDA wording of what Caramel is and can contain.  From ( 21 FDA Sec. 73.85)
Sec. 73.85 Caramel.

(a)Identity. (1) The color additive caramel is the dark-brown liquid or solid material resulting from the carefully controlled heat treatment of the following food-grade carbohydrates:

  1. Dextrose.
  2. Invert sugar.
  3. Lactose.
  4. Malt sirup.
  5. Molasses.
  6. Starch hydrolysates and fractions thereof. [NB. This can be from wheat, Potato, Rice or Corn for the common sources.]
  7. Sucrose.
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